Tax Notes

General Tax Filing Deadlines

(May change due to weekends, holidays, and pandemics.)

March 15

  • Partnerships
  • S-Corporations

April 15

  • Individuals
  • C-Corporations
  • Estates
  • Trusts

September 15

  • Partnerships – extended
  • S-Corporations – extended

October 15

  • Individuals – extended
  • C-Corporations – extended
  • Estates – extended
  • Trusts – extended

Quarterly Estimated Payments

  • April 15
  • June 15
  • September 15
  • January 15 (for previous tax year)

Child Tax Credit update

Many parents were thrilled to have hundreds of dollars suddenly land in their bank accounts in July, as the Internal Revenue Service distributed the first of six monthly child tax credit payments.

However, receiving the monthly payments could lead to some surprises at tax time in the spring, particularly for parents in certain situations.

Unlike the three rounds of stimulus checks that many Americans received during the pandemic, the monthly deposits are actually early payments of families’ estimated child tax credits for 2021. But the payments are based on 2020 or 2019 income and household size. So, if either of those change, parents could wind up receiving much smaller refunds than expected – or even owing taxes – when they complete their 2021 returns next spring.

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